Sep 3, 2008

Inspection Questionnaires

SUB POST OFFICE INSPECTIONQUESTIONNAIRE PART-I ACCOUNTS 1. Verify cash and stamps balance of the office with reference torespective stamp balance register and treasurers cash book takinginto account all the transactions. In order to confirm the balances lyingwith the SO, compare the balances shown on the last acknowledgedSO slip with that of SO account and see that the balance arrived attallies.1.1 See that vouchers in respect of balances forming part of cash are sentto concerned sanctioning authority and the proof of having sent thesevouchers for sanction is on record. The details of such vouchers shouldbe noted in the inspection report. In case some voucher is forming partof cash balance for a period of more than one year, a special referenceindicating the date from which such amount is forming part of cashbalance should be reflected in the IR.1.2 See that amount kept out of account is correct and there are validreasons for keeping it as out of account. Also suggest remedialmeasures, so that the cash can be accounted for on the same day.1.3 Check the register of cheques received and see that the register ismaintained in prescribed proforma and that cheques do not sufferdelay. In case of delay, the reasons should be ascertained and reflectedin the IR. This check should be carried out for four days selected atrandom preferably one day in each quarter.1.4 Check the memo of authorised balances and take action for revision ofauthorised balances, if required as per the requirements of Sub PostOffice.2. Check the BO daily account last received in the SO and confirm thatthe balances lying with BOs are tallying with the entries made in BOSummary. See that total of BO summary tallies with the corresponding entryin the SO A/c. Similar check should be exercised for one day in one quarteri.e. in all for 4 days in a year selected at random.2.1 Compare the entries noted in the BO slips w.r.t. entries noted in BOSummary and see that the remittances if any made, have beenproperly noted in BO slip and the weight of Cash Bag is also noted andsee that the BO slips have been prepared with double sided carbon.2.2 See that proper funding is made to BO viz whenever there is liabilitywith the BO, the SO remits cash with the MO, SB-7 etc., in case the BOhas no cash with it.2.3 See that SPM does not show fake liabilities with BOs and allows cashremittances to BO without any liability.2.4 Check BO daily account and see that BPMs are not in habit of showingfalse liability. For this purpose, Inspecting Authority should verify thegenuineness of liabilities shown by the BOs is due to non remittance ofcash by SO. If so, a special reference be made in IR for personalattention of Divisional Head.2.5 See that Register of Index to PRs viz. SB-26, MS-87 (a), NC-4 (a),SB-28, PLI-2 etc. are maintained properly as per rules.2.5.1 Check the PRs w.r.t. long books MO 1 (s) NSC issue journals etc. Incase of cancellation of any receipt if suitable remarks are available inthe respective index register and both copies of receipts are available.2.6 Check the working of Sub A/C Branch and see that the remittances areenclosed in LC bags and these bags are in good condition and areprovided with locks and rules are being followed strictly at the time ofexchanging remittances.2.7 See that LC Bags are being exchanged with BOs daily account even ifthere is no remittance for the BO.3. Examine SO account and SO slips for 5 dates to check that accountsare regularly written and that proper arrangements exist, taking into accountinter alia MO, SB and other liabilities for supply and disposal of funds andsafe custody of cash and valuables.(a) Whether the sum of amounts shown in columns 31 and 34 agreeswith the sum of entries in column 30 of BO summary (deductminus entries and add transit)(b) Compare the balances in column 29 of SO account with SO slip.(c) Check credits of PCOs, TRC message revenue, amounts for whichreceipts from ACG-67 are issued, sale proceeds of MO form etc.LIC premium collection etc. Ensure that the unused receipts in thereceipt books are intact.4. Examine the stamp balances register and the Treasurers Cash Bookand ensure that there are no suspicious discrepancies.5. Review the checklist of records and registers as given in the Appendixto see that they are kept correctly, neatly and according to the rules andprocedures. Please arrange to get any shortcomings removed duringinspection and the staff instructed in the matter.PART-II - RECEIPT, SORTING AND DESPATCH OF MAILS6. See that letter box statement is on record in prescribed form and seethat mails cleared from letter boxes are included in the outgoing mails. Arearrangements for clearance of mails efficient ? Suggest measures in casesome deficiency is observed.6.1 Review the DMSL and arrangements for the receipt, despatch and safecustody of mails and suggest changes if required. See that the mailsreceived from LBs are included in the next due despatch and that LBstatement is on record in the prescribed proforma.6.2 Test check the clearance of Letterbox by posting letters during theinspection, note the address of persons of whom test letters have beenaddressed.6.3 Review the beats of LB peons and guide the concerned staff, if anydeficiency is noted.7. (i) Examine the sorting ledge, sorting diagram, working of sortingassistant and see that sorting ledge and sorting diagram isavailable as per latest sorting orders. Guide the sorting assistantaccordingly. Also see that(a) Label bundles and bags are correctly prepared.(b) That transaction is done where necessary and insufficientlypaid and unpaid articles are taxed, and(c) That the stamping is distinct.(ii) Whether letters received in LB clearance meant for the office itself are picked up for delivery without intervention of RMS office.8. Inspecting Authority should check at least for 5 days (atleast one day ineach quarter) that mails are received / dispatched in time. Special referenceshould be made in IR about the personal check applied bySPM on this aspect. If any irregularity is found, the inspecting Authorityshould suggest remedial measures.8.1 This check should be carried out with respect to the special error book/ time bills etc.(a) Examine the day bag book and satisfy yourself that the book ismaintained properly as prescribed separately for canvas and Blueairmail bags and that closing balance agrees with physicalcounting of the bags.(b) Examine the memo. of authorized bag balance fixed for the officeaccording to the Due Bag list and see whether the balances fixedfor the office is according to the due bag list and see whether thebalance have been fixed correctly.(c) See that the closing balance of the office is within the maximumprescribed and satisfy yourself that the office is not in the habit ofretaining bags in excess of the maximum.(d) Examine the linking arrangements made between the DBO and itsUBOs and ensure that these are satisfactory and that thetransmission of surplus bags is kept to the minimum. See thatjudicious distribution has been made between surplus and deficitoffices. Also see that the recoupment or withdrawal of bags is quickand satisfactory.(e) Does the in-charge of the office daily check the entries in the daybook ? Does he make a physical check up of bags in hand everyday ? See that the prescribed certificates have been given at thefoot of the day bag book and also see that the bag balance reportis sent daily at the close of the day.(f) Verify the Due bag list and see that these are kept corrected uptodate and also see that one copy in respect of mail office/section issent to DBO/CBO.(g) See that the register of unserviceable / repairable bags aremaintained properly. Also check the entries made therein.(h) Satisfy yourself that the stock of bags is sufficient to meet therequirements.PART-III - DELIVERY9. Study whether the number of deliveries, the hours of issue ofdeliveries, the mails included in the deliveries etc. have been fixed with respectto the hours of receipt of mails, the nature of the locality served by thePO and conveniences of the public. Suggest changes, if any, required. Arethe deliveries issued on time and mails received are stamped properly ?10. Have the beats of Postmen been properly fixed ? Are the beat lists ofPostmen available and up-to-date ? Is there a case for an increase / decreasein the number of Beats or for opening new delivery offices ? Is thedelivery staff sanctioned adequate or needs revision. Test check, if necessary,the number of articles carried by some of the postmen. Also, see thatthe beats of postmen shown as per beat list are not exaggerated.11. See that the book of postmark is maintained properly and thepostmarks are distinct and that no stamp is worn out. In case of worn outstamps an indent should be got prepared for replacement of such stamp /stamps. Check the number of stamps / Seals available w.r.t. stock register ofthe SO.12. See that all the mails meant for delivery, are carried by delivery staffimmediately at the time prescribed for delivery and there is no delay in issuingof mails to them for delilvery and also test check undelivered articles returnedby the delivery staff to see that no article is returned unnecessarily /unjustifiably. The % of undelivered articles is substantial, a review may bemade and concerned PRI(P)/Mail overseer are utilized for ascertainingreasons for return of such mails. See that the beat instruction register / bookof addressees instructions are maintained properly and instructions reportedthere in are followed.13. (i) Check the diaries of PRI (P) and Head Postman for ten days selectedat random and report the result and see that the diaries aresubmitted daily ?(ii) See that the services of PRI (P) / Head Postman can be utilizedfor obtaining business of Post Offices like hiring of post boxes/bags, speed post business, etc.14. The inspecting authority should contact few prominent personalities inthe locality to see that there is no dereliction on the part of delivery staff.15. Have an informal meeting with the PRI / Head Postman, A.P.M.(Delivery) and some of the delivery staff and discuss their problems and waysand means of improving the efficiency of delivery.16. Examine the Register of Post Boxes, etc. (M-23) and see that on atleast four occasions credits of recoveries towards post boxes etc, have beenproperly accounted for. Are particulars of all post boxes and bags entered inthis register and are renewals watched ? Are there firms and offices, whichcould be persuaded to take post boxes ? Write to them and send the PRI topersuade them or speak on phone.17. Check the articles in deposit and the articles to be sent to the R.L.O.And see whether the relevant rules and instructions have beenfollowed.PART-IV - REGISTRATION / PARCEL18. (i) Examine the registered and parcel lists received at random forfive dates in different months along with the Registered andParcel Abstracts, Postmen’s Book, Book of Addressee’sInstructions, addressee’s receipts and delivery slips to see thatthey are properly kept.(ii) Also see that number of articles with acknowledgements given tothe postman and the no. of articles actually returned by them areentered in the relevant abstract.(iii) See that prescribed procedure for delivery of registered articles isfollowed and these do not suffer under undue delay for delivery.19. Examine the entries on some of the V.P. articles for despatch to seethat amounts written there agree with entries in VPMO form and V.P. Journal.(a) On four selected Saturdays, see whether V.P. calls were issued incase of non-receipt of VPMOs after examination of V.P. journalsby the Postmaster.(b) Examine the register of V.P. articles received to see that it iswritten up properly and the particulars and number of articles indeposit are noted daily as well as those of V.P. money ordersissued.(c) See whether signed receipts, acknowledgements and undeliveredarticles, cash for remittance to senders were made over properlyand whether demurrage charges have been recovered.20. On four selected dates, examine whether in case of foreign parcels thecustoms duty is collected and duly accounted for and that the properprocedure is followed in case addressee wishes reassessment. Please alsoensure that proper procedure is followed in case of redirection of any articleon which customs duty is levied.Also examine registered list for 4 dates in different months selected atrandom received from the office of exchange and see that customs duty hasbeen collected properly on the articles delivered under intimation to AccountOffice. Also see that in case of return or re-direction suitable remarks hasbeen made in the registered list.PART-V - MONEY ORDERS21. (a) See that TMO advices are prepared carefully. Also see thatadvises in TMO advice book run in consecutive series and unusedadvices are intact.(b) See that after preparing TMO advice, telegraph charges arecalculated and telegraphic advice is got transmitted immediatelyas routine.(c) See postal confirmation are sent by registered post and receiptsare pasted / on record.(d) See that acknowledgements in respect of TMO issued have beenreceived and on record. In case of non receipt ofacknowledgements, necessary calls are issued to office ofpayment.21.1 (a) See that telegraphic advice received for payment along with postalconfirmation are on record.(b) See that in case of non-recipt of postal confirmation / telegraphadvice calls have been issued and pursued to its logical end.(c) See that particulars of TMO received for payment are noted inregister of TMO’s received for payment and it is maintained in theprescribed proforma.(d) See that the payment of TMO has been made promptly. Verifypayment of one TMO in each quarter from date of last inspection.22. On 4 selected dates examine the register of MOs received forpayments with MO paid list, HVMO lists and compilation of MOs paid, etc. tosee that :(a) The register of MOs received for payment has been maintainedas prescribed.(b) The prescribed procedure has been followed in issuing the MOsfor payment and cash to the delivery staff and taking back unpaidMOs and balances of cash and that miscredited, missent etc. MOsare properly disposed of.(c) MOs are not unnecessarily held up in deposit for want of cash orfor other reasons and that reasons for non-payment are enteredin the register of MOs received for payment and suitable remarksgiven by the Postman on the MO form.(d) Whether payments by cheques or pay order of MOs can be madein the case of parties who receive frequently large sums of moneyby MOs.(e) HVMOs received for payments are received duly entered in theHVMO lists.23. On 4 selected dates check the book of MO receipts and the MO issuejournals to see that the MO receipts are prepared legibly and in the prescribedmanner and the issued MOs are journalised in the issue journal and thepostmaster exercises the prescribed checks. See if those who book MOs inbulk can be persuaded to pay by cheques.Examine the office copies of MO issue journal in respect of old agefamily pension money orders booked, if any, and ensure whether the moneyorders were issued on the same day on which they weretendered and despatched on the same day.24. Are the accounts / audit returns of the MO branch submitted in time ?Are the statistical registers properly kept up ?24 (a). 1. Check the stock of unsold IPOs by making a reference of IPOsavailable with the SO to HO.2. Check the credits of IPOs sold at the SO for at least 4 days (oncein each quarter)3. See if unsold statement of IPOs is being sent to HO by the SOregularly.PART-VI - SAVINGS BANK AND NS CERTIFICATES25. The Inspecting Authority should see that the SPM/SB Assistant knowabout all the current savings schemes, and also see that the SPM hasoverall control over the counters for their smooth and properfunctioning and services are rendered promptly to public.26. Check whether the application for opening of accounts andspecimen signatures are kept properly secured in respect of RD, MIS,savings, NSS accounts in SOs/MDGs.26 (a). See that the specimen signature books for each type of POSBschemes are maintained separately in respect of the SO and the BOs inaccount. Accounts which have been closed/transferred are properly scoredout. He should also see that no specimen signature is wanting.27. (i) Test check to see that the lists of transactions and SB returns areprepared in the prescribed manner.(ii) Select at random five dates in different months since the lastinspection and check whether the totals of five deposits /withdrawals shown in the long book / journals tally with the amountsshown in the sub office account (This check should be carried outfor all types of accounts, viz SB, TD, RD, MIS, PPF, NSS 87, NSS92 and MSY accounts) and send it to Head Postmaster forverification with reference to list of transactions (LOTs) of the SOsconcerned.28. Are the arrangements for Pay Roll Savings Scheme depositors andbulk transactions proper ? Make a detailed study of the problems to ensurethat there is no delay in carrying out transactions in suchaccounts.29 (a).(i) Check the credits of the amounts shown in all the preliminaryreceipt (SB-26) issued since the last Inspection in case of GDSSub Post Offices.(ii) Verify by reference to the HO the number of SB preliminaryreceipts (SB-26) used by the office since the last inspection andalso the particulars of the last receipt issued by the office.(iii) Satisfy yourself that the unused receipts in the book of preliminaryreceipts (SB-26) run in consecutive serial order and they areintact.(iv) If any of the original receipts is spoiled or is not on record dulypasted, ascertain from the office copy the reasons for the same toyour satisfaction.(b). Examine SB-28 receipts issued, selected at random for 4 dates sincelast inspection to ensure that prescribed SB-28 receipts are issued todepositors in each case where pass book is detained in the post office. Verifythat the original copies of receipt with the acquittance ofdepositor are kept on record. In case of non-availability of any originalreceipts see that reasons are explained to your satisfaction. Satisfy that thebalances shown in the receipts agree with that noted in the ledger of theconcerned account and that unused receipts are intact.30. Verify the stock balance of pass books in the office in respect of alltypes of Saving accounts viz. SB / RD/TD / MIS / PPF etc. w.r.t the stockregister of the pass books, invoices and specimen signature books. Check atrandom 2 pass books issued in each month since the last inspection w.r.tspecimen signature book, ledger / Journals and the stock registers of passbooks.31 (a). Check the register of undelivered pass books in deposit and seethat it is maintained in prescribed manner, that the number shown in the registertallies with the number of undelivered pass books. See that pass books arenot retained in the office for more than thirty days from the date of receipt insub office. In such case arrange immediate disposal of such pass books.(b). Also ensure that the Sub Postmaster maintains the registerSB-45 (Register of passed warrants sent to BOs) properly.Examine the said register and see that timely sanction is sent to BOs by itsAccounts Office.32 (a). Check whether the annual interest statement is received from theHOs. If received, check whether the interest for all the accounts have beenposted in SOs ledger of savings accounts, NSS-87 / NSS-92 Accounts.(b). Check the pass books received for transactions on the days ofinspection, whether interest has been added therein and the balance agreeswith the ledger balance ?(c). If the office is a single handed SO, select at random 15 accountsstanding at the office from the list of accounts in which pass books have notbeen submitted for entry of interest (received by concerned Inspector posts).Prepare a statement in the following form :Sl. SB Account DLT Balance as per lastNo. Number transaction in thejournal / ledgerContact the depositors of each of these 15 accounts personally andverify whether the DLT and the balance shown in the pass booksagree with the entries in the list. If any of the depositors are notavailable, record the fact in your inspection note. Prepare a form inSB-46 and have the same delivered personally at the address of thedepositor along with a service cover addressed to the Postmaster.Indicate this in the remarks column of the list against the accountconcered. The statement prepared should be sent to the HO forverification with records and for intimating the results of verification.Note : If anybody is not available at the address, notice in SB-46 shouldbe sent through the Mail Overseer when he visits the office next.33. (i) Are there any TD accounts standing in the office ? Call for 5 passbooks and check the balances in the pass books with thebalances shown in the journal. Make a list of accounts checkedshowing the number / DLT / Balance and forward the same to HOfor verification and report.(ii) In the case of single handed SOs issue notices in form SB-46 inrespect of remaining accounts and send the list of such accountsto the Head offices for taking action.34 (a). (i) Test check in respect of silent accounts whether service chargeof Rs. 20/- has been deducted from the silent account havingminimum balance of Rs. 50/- and a notice to re-activate theaccount served to the account holder.(ii) Whether the service charges deducted from the silent accountsat the Head Post Office for the unit as a whole has beencommunicated to the SO by the HO for making necessaryentries in the relevant record i.e. ledgers. Test check a fewentries made in the ledgers and whether remarks made in thespecimen signature treating the account as silent.(iii) Whether Interest-cum-silent accounts statement prepared bySBCO has been received in SO on time.(iv) Whether a separate list of silent accounts prepared by SBCOwith balance of below minimum of Rs. 50/- from theinterest-cum-silent accounts statement has been received in theSO ?(v) Whether interest-cum-silent accounts statement is preserved bythe Sub-Postmaster in the guard file to be kept in a folder.(vi) Whether entries of interest, remark regarding accounts treated assilent, service charge levied and closing balance has been madein respective ledgers at SOs ? Simultaneously check regardingaccounts having been treated as silent entry has been made inthe Specimen Signature Book.(vii) Check whether correct procedure has been followed in revival ofsilent accounts.(viii) Check whether for revival of a silent account, the depositor haspresented the pass book with application for withdrawal or pay-inslipfor deposit. See that If the balance is below the minimum, theamount of deposit has to raise the balance above the minimum.(ix) Whether entries have been made in the prescribed register forrevival of silent account by the selection grade Post Offices and tocheck whether monthly extract of the said register has been sentto the control organization for making necessary adjustments inthe control non-cash register through the HOs.(b). Check at random at least 5% of pre-mature closed RD / MISaccounts to verify whether interest has been correctly calculated and paid tothe account holder.35. (a) Check whether nomination registers are maintained in prescribedmanner ?(b) Test check whether the nomination register maintained in respectof various accounts / Schemes w.r.t application for opening ofaccounts / purchase application of KVP, NSC etc. that thenominations are registered correctly and nomination number notedin the relevant column in the ledgers and application form ? Alsocheck whether the prescribed fee is charged for change ofnomination subsequently. (This check may be carried out inrespect of 5 cases of each type of Savings Scheme.)POST DATED CHEQUES -36. (i) Check whether the future payable date has been specified on thePDCs If available at SO for delivery to account holders of Postoffice Savings Bank(ii) Collect few MIS Pass Books received in the counter during thecourse of inspection and check whether pass books of thedepositors who opted PDC has been updated ?(iii) Check whether the prescribed procedure for issuing duplicatecheques has been followed.(iv) Test check whether amount @ Rs. 4/- per unused cheque in caseof prematurely closed accounts has been charged correctly andnecessary entries made in the ledger.(v) Check the record of PDCs which was received from HO with therecord of PDCs issued to customers in the SOs and whethercorresponding entries have been made in the concerned MISledgers.37. Examine the register of deceased claims maintained in respect of allsavings schemes, i.e. SB, RD, TD, MIS, PPF etc. and ensure that they aremaintained properly. Examine at least five SB deceased claim cases to seethat they have been processed correctly and properly without any unduedelay.38(a). In respect of RD & MIS Accounts, since the last inspection/check,whether the posting in the RD binder has been done on day to day basis asper the revised procedure ? Record reasons, if position is not upto date; andensure that arrears in RD are cleared without delay.(b). Whether the ledger cards are removed from the binder in respect ofclosing RD Accounts and are kept in month wise bundles for the year as awhole ?39. (i) See that application for purchase of PO certificates are seriallynumbered and securely kept in guard files. Check the stock ofunsold certificates by making a reference of certificates availablewith the SO to HO.(ii) Check credits of certificates sold at the SO for at least 4 days (onein each quarter)See if unsold statement of certificates is being sent by the SO to HOregularly.40. See that the Register of Claims of P.O. certificates and the statisticalregisters are maintained properly. Examine at least five deceased claim casesto see that they have been processed correctly and properly without anyundue delay.PART-VII - FRANKING MACHINES - IN POST OFFICES41. (i) The Inspecting Authority should see that the seals of the machinesare intact and the label bears dated signature of the supervisorviz. SPM/PM.(ii) The error book is maintained and cancelled franks are pasted onit with reasons for cancellation since last inspection and error extractsare submitted to Divisional Office.(iii) Pliers of the seals and the Franking Machine are in the propercustody during and after working hours.(iv) Carry out random check of credits for four dates (one in eachquarter) w.r.t. Register of Franking Machine and SO A/c and seethat the reading of the office franking machine is recorded on therequisition given by the treasurer/postmaster.42. The Inspecting Officer should check :(i) List of Franking Machine Holders.(ii) See that the licence are renewed in time and are current.(iii) Check Franking Machine Record Book, ledger.(iv) Check 10 despatches made by Franking Machine holder w.r.t dailydocket during inspection.(v) Whether SPM/PM are insisting for production of window ticket,despatch docket and Franking Machine Register regardingposting.(vi) Whether the continuity of despatch slip / daily docket is maintainedand if they are received by an officer other than main office, aretransferred to main office.(vii) Check if prescribed checks are carried out by SPM/PM for correctpostage as well as entries in the Franking Machine Register andthat entries in FM register and ledger tally.(viii) Check if the seals / pliers are kept under proper custody beforeand after office hours and test check some of machines receivedfor setting / resetting and see if the seals of such machines areintact.(ix) See if PRI(P) inspects the machines on regular intervals and thatprescribed records are maintained properly.PART-VIII - COMBINED OFFICES43. See that traffic book is maintained properly and working hours aresuitable, circuit is not overloaded and establishment is sufficient and that thedefects were set right promptly in the instrument and if log book has beenmaintained during down time of instrument.44. Examine the A, B & C drafts and delivery slips for four dates to seethat there in no delay and that correct revenue has been realised on ‘A’messages.45. Examine whether the Register of Abbreviated Addresses is maintainedand whether the renewal is being made in time.46. Examine by selecting four days at random since the last inspectionthat the collection towards telegrams are credited to PO accountscorrectly. Check whether the unused receipts are intact.47. Examine the credits of TRC for four dates - one in each quarter w.r.t.receipts books and SO account and see that unused receipts are in tact.48. When was the branch last inspected by an officer belonging toTelegraphic Traffic ?PART - IX - SPEED POST RECEIPT AND DESPATCH49. Examine whether the accommodation of Speed Post Counter iscomfortable to the staff and to the customers.50. The inspecting authority should check on the days of inspection if therevenue has been correctly realized on the speed post articles booked at theoffice and revenue so collected has been accounted for. He should also seeat random for the last 4 days the trend of revenue so as to see that there is noleakage of revenue.(i) See that proper arrangements are available for pick up serviceand amount so collected on such services is correctly credited.(ii) See that articles booked after cut off timing are impressed withremarks “Too late for next delivery”(iii) Check on at least 5 days whether speed post mails are receivedand despatched according to timings w.r.t. time bills. In case ofany irregularity, a special mention should be made in the IR.51. See that Speed Post Article (SPA) / International SPA are despatched/ routed to correct destination and instruct the staff dealing with SPA bookingto book the SPA as per SPA Booking Centre.52. Check for 5 days at random and see that SPA are delivered on the dayof its receipt and see that there are sufficient reasons for SPAremaining in deposit.53. The inspecting officer should make a list of big users of speed postservices and effect the names of such users in his IR and send the same toDivisional Head who can send the Marketing Executive etc. to such users forfurther suggestion etc.54. Prepare a rough schedule of accommodation and examine whetherthere is sufficient accommodation including the future expansion needs aswell. If not, please draw up a plan to either shift the P.O. to a better-rentedbuilding or see if construction of a departmental building is justified and landis available for that. Take up this matter with the Divisional office / CircleOffice / Directorate at the appropriate level.In case of a rented building try to meet the landlord and persuade himto carry out the needed repairs and additions, etc. In the case ofdepartmental building, sanction the needed repairs within yourfinancial powers and take up with the concerned authorities thequestion of repairs and additions outside your own competence. It isimportant to settle the problems relating to building on the spot during theinspection.55. Please see whether the office furniture and almirahs, etc. can berearranged effectively to utilise the available space. See whether furniture ofsmaller size can relieve congestion.56. Look into the cleanliness and upkeep of the Post Office and the qualityof work done by sweepers and farashes. Does the Sub-Postmaster takespecial interest and is sensitive about the matter ? See theatmosphere and particularly the toilet facilities and welfare amenities likerest-cum-tiffin room, canteen etc. Get the office thoroughly cleaned up duringyour visit and make it even more presentable.57. Are the existing arrangements satisfactory ? If not, suggestrearrangements to avoid large queues and public inconveniences.58. Is the Complaints and Suggestions Book easily available ? Is anyaction pending to be taken on the complaints / suggestions recorded ?59. Have the notices of Hours of Business and other Postal Notices, etc.been prominently displayed and show the correct position ? Is any changecalled for in the hours for transaction of public business ? Does the SPM takeinterest in upkeep and cleanliness of the public hall.60. Do the counter assistants have already with them the postalinformation which the public generally requires and all other neededreference books and forms for public use.61. Are the counter assistants polite and prompt in answering to thepublic ? Are they otherwise helpful to the public ? Counsel the counterassistants about the importance of good public relations.62. If there is any professional letter writer see that his chart of rates asfixed by the Deptt. is abided by him & also exhibited to the public.63. (i) Check the items of stock w.r.t. stock register viz. petty - stockregister and permanent stock register, invoices (see that theinvoices run in consecutive order) and make a list of articles offurniture required for office,(ii) He should take measures to get the items of furniture repairedlocally(iii) write off the unserviceable items by auction,(iv) Comment on the availability of necessary forms, take action inrespect of forms found in excess or found short, get the formsneatly arranged during your stay.64. Comment on the adequacy or otherwise of the stock of forms and takeaction regarding the forms in short supply and the forms in excess. Get theforms neatly arranged during your stay. If any misuse of forms is noticed, takeimmediate remedial action. Correct the schedule of forms and sent it to StoresDepot.65. Get the records neatly arranged and get the old records weeded outfor disposal during your stay.66. If any stamps / seals need replacement, arrange to send indents to theStores Depot during your stay.67. Electro and Electronic / Mechanical Aids(i) What are the Electro and Electronic / Mechanical aids in theoffice ?(ii) Are the Electro and Electronic / Mechanical aids maintained andin good working order ?(iii) Are adequate arrangements available for maintenance / servicingof the Electro and Electronic / Mechanical aids and is promptaction taken to get them repaired ? Has contracts for repairs /servicing been entered into wherever required ?(iv) Ascertain the down - time of each machine since the lastinspection and investigate the reasons for delay in repairs, if any,and suggest remedial measures.(v) Is adequate number of trained staff both operative andsupervisory available to operate each machine ?(vi) Is each machine installed in a suitable place and located at aplace convenient to the operator and the public ?(vii) Are the history sheets of all the machines properly maintained ?(viii) Are details of all the machines in use in the Post Office kept in theprescribed register and are the entries therein up-to-date.(ix) Are all the machines used optimally ? If not, what steps could betaken to promote the use thereof ?(x) Are performance reports, where prescribed, sent regularly ?(xi) Are proper records for the grant of incentive, where prescribedbeing maintained ?(xii) Would you suggest the use of any other aid ?68. (a) Is the post office offering International Money Transfer Service ?(b) Is the Glow Sign Board promptly displayed outside the post office ?(c) Are the signages displayed inside the Post Office, direct thecustomer to the Postmaster ?(d) Are there at least 3 trained personnel to handle IMTS in the postoffice ?(e) Are “To Receive Money” (TRM) forms available in the Post Office ?(f) Is the hardware (Fax Machine in case of Fax based location orPC, modem, printer in case of PC based location) in workingcondition ?(g) Is the IMTS software loaded and working properly in case of PCbased location ?(h) Is the valid identification proof of the receiver properly checkedwhile making the payment to the customer.(Valid Photo Identification Proofs-passport, Election Card, PAN Card,Ration Card, Driving Licence, Student’s ID card issued by GovernmentInstitutes, Refugee Card, Any other Government concern issuedIdentification, Loyalty Card issued by Post Office).Checks :(i) The identification proof bears the photograph of the receiver(ii) Identification proof was valid and not expired on the date thepayment was paid to the customer.(i) Are the RBI guidelines being followed while making the payment ?These may vary from time to time but as on March 2006these are :(i) Not more than 12 transactions are paid to the customer in acalender year.(ii) The amount exceeding Rs. 50,000/- is paid by cheques orby direct credit to the SB account.(iii) A single transaction does not exceed equivalent amount ofUS $ 2500(j) Is the message “WILL CALL MONEY TRANSFER PAID”generated on the payment Screen and printout is obtained or theprint out of payment History without showing the message isobtained and kept in record before making the payment ?(k) Check the details of transactions for 4 days in different monthsone day from each month as recorded in the IMTS Register, in thePost Office and tally them with the list of transactions generated toensure that both of them match.(l) Whether the Sub Office has sent the vouchers of payments madeto Head Post Office ?69. QUESTIONNAIRE ONBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AREA1. Check whether the office is authorised for booking of Speed Post,Express Post and other premium products. If so, review the traffic andrevenue for the last six months.2. If not authorised, examine whether there is any feasibility ofintroducing the services in the office.3. Find out adequate pamphlets/advertisement materials on eachproduct are available in the office.4. Whether the services offered are properly notified by display of glowsign boards, posters etc. for information of the customers.5. Discuss with the staff the potential for tapping new business in the areaand make suitable arrangements.6. Review the work done by the marketing executives attached to theHO/Divisional office to satisfy that the services of the official has beenprofitably used.7. Explore the possibility of adding new BNPL customers.8. Examine the revenue realised through BNPL for the last one year andcheck whether any outstanding amount is to be recovered beyond onemonth.9. Review the pending Speed Post complaint cases and satisfy that nocase is pending for more than three days.10. Contact at least three regular customers and ascertain their views onthe services rendered by the office.11. Check whether adequate number of franking machines are supplied tothe office.12. Check whether proper arrangements are made for pickup services.13. Check whether the office is having the list of bulk mailers using thefacilities in the office.14. Discuss with the marketing executive and staff whether any effort hasbeen made to bring the bulk mailers to our business fold. If not suggestways and means.15. Examine the arrangements of delivery staff made for delivery of SpeedPost / Express Parcel Post etc. and see whether it is adequate to commensuratewith the number of articles received for delivery and thedistance travelled. If not, discuss with the Divisional Head/Postmasterand make suitable arrangements.16. Check whether mutual fund services are made available to themembers of public and proper publicity materials are displayed.SPEED POST69.(a) (i) Whether 100% booking is made in the Speed net. If not analysethe reason and take appropriate action for ensuring the same ?(ii) Whether delivery status of all the articles are fed into the speednet.If not, analyse the reason and take appropriate action to ensurethe same ?(iii) If hardware is not available whether the delivery data is sent tothe nearest office equipped with Speednet for entering the datainto Speednet.(iv) Check whether outsourcing agents are attached to the office, Ifso, examine the related papers of payment and to see whether itis in consonance with existing rulesBILL MAIL SERVICE70. (a) Review the arrangements made for Bill Mail Service in the P.O.(b) Check whether the bills received under Bill Mail Service arebeing sent out for delivery properly.e-bill POST71. (a) Whether the Postmaster is aware of the service providers in thearea ?(b) How many customers are there and whether the technology,equipment and system is fully operational ?(c) Does the staff know how to operate e-bill ?(d) Whether data integration of e-bill post for remittance facilities isbeing done regularly ?(e) Check the arrangements the PO has in case on-line dataintegration for remittance purposes is not activated or when itbreaks down, what are the office arrangements. Whethercontingency arrangements are available in the P.O. for remittancefacility under e-bill.(f) Check the report and control mechanism prescribed for reportson e-bill post for Circles and divisions.(g) Review e-bill post collection and payments made/remittance sentat least for 4 dates in different months one day each quarter inrespect of each of the customers.e-Post72. (a) Check the internet facilities available in the PO. What is the presentarrangements ?(b) Whether alternate internet service providers could be used.(c) Discuss with staff the connectivity problems in respect of theinternet service provider & equipment such as modem speed etc.Have a discussion with the system administrator of the PO onthis. Check time of log in on any 10 days at random.(d) Whether arrangements for booking of e-post messages are there ?(e) What are the facilities available to customers for booking of e-postmessages ?(f) Check whether e-post messages booked have been transmittedon time.(g) What are the arrangements for receipt of e-post messages fromPO which are not e-post Centres ?(h) Check whether arrangements exist for opening the e-post websitetwice in a day & arrangements have been made for downloadingthe e-mail and sending it for delivery ?(i) Whether e-post stationery paper & envelops are being used or not ?(j) Check the revenue earned by e-post as shown by the system inthe MIS and also as reflected in the PO Account.(k) Check the traffic & revenue of e-post booked and givesuggestions for improvement.BUSINESS POST73. (a) Assess the layout and the accommodation available for BusinessPost and comment on its suitability.(b) How many jobs completed since the last inspection ? What is theamount collected from the companies against each job ?(c) What is the average receipt of mail traffic on a daily basis ?(d) Whether pick-up is arranged for the major companies ? If yes,what are the arrangements made ?(e) How many franking machines are provided in the office ? Mentionmake and speed.(f) Whether all the machines and other equipment provided are inworking condition ? If not details of break down date of informingthe supplier of the machine / higher official about the break downshould be intimated.(g) Check the dates given on the franks of the articles awaitingdespatch to see that there is no delay in posting.(h) Check at random the weight of the article and see that it has beenfranked for the proper value.(i) Check whether the total credit made for the mail tallies with thevolume and weight i.e. the credit tallies with postage due and valueof pre-mailing activities done.(j) Have the payments received for Business Post been creditedunder the correct Head ?(k) Whether the piece rated labour has been paid correctly ?GREETING POST74. (a) Is there a separate counter / display racks for sale of GreetingPost and are the cards displayed there ?(b) Check the balance stock of Greeting Cards as per the designs.(c) Whether stock register is being maintained correctly and theentries w.r.t. receipt of a sale and balance tallies ?(d) Whether the amount of sale has been credited under GreetingPost head ?MEDIA POST75. (a) What is the average business in different categories underMedia Post ?(b) Which major companies are giving business on regular basis ?(c) Whether any order is pending against which payment has alreadybeen realised.76. See that the Attendance Registers are maintained properly and staffare punctual, properly dressed and particularly that the SubPostmaster is insistent about the smart turn out of Group ‘D’ officials andPostmen, in uniform. Carry out a kit inspection during inspection. Alsoascertain the date of supply of uniform.77. Please meet and talk to the staff :(i) to see whether they have any grievance regarding the delay insettlement of personal cases and(ii) about office equipment and facilities. Encourage them to comeout with suggestions for improvement of the office and service tothe public and involve them by giving them tasks to do.78. Examine one for selected dates the Register of O.T. charges to seethat overtime is commensurate with the actual workload of the day and thereis adequate explanation when their work could not be doneduring office hours, especially check the error book and attendance registerso as to verify necessity / genuineness for putting the staff on OT duty andthat overtime is not incurred on work of normal nature and outline scope ofeconomy, if any.79. Test check the booking of and receipt of, service telegrams, serviceregistered and insured letters to see that this is kept to the minimum. Impressthe importance of this on Despatch Assistant and SPM.80. (i) Examine the inward references and other correspondence registerand the public complaints register with the purpose to see thatreferences are disposed of promptly. Also see that publiccomplaints register has been maintained separately and complaintshave been attended to promptly.(ii) See that PA-17(a) is being submitted regularly.(iii) See that Book of Information is available and indicate all latestinformation in it .81. Review the Order Book of the Sub Postmaster to see the quality,periodicity and effectiveness of the internal inspections of directions on theworking of various branches and the checking of various records andregisters. See whether the Error Books are kept in various branches to noteshortcomings, irregularities and due notice is taken of them by the SubPostmaster.82. On 4 selected days, see that the copies of PPO are available in allcases of pension payments and that the entries in the SO accounts tally withthose in the schedule of pension payment. Also check that all the disbursershalves are available and kept in guard file.POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE83. (a) Examine and see whether a separate register for Rural PLItransactions is maintained separately as per prescribed columns,transactions of RPLI at Branch Post Offices in account with areincorporated in this register and that PLI and RPLI transactionsare accounted for separately. (Dte. of PLI letter No.5-18/95-LIdtd. 15.2.96)(b) Verify atleast two days PLI and RPLI collections in every monthsince date of last inspection with reference to receipts, PLIregister and Sub Post Office Account and satisfy that money hasbeen properly accounted for in Govt. accounts by the SPM.(c) If the Sub office is in rural area, the cases of non receipt of acceptance/rejection letters from Circle Office in respect of RPLI premiacollected may be listed out and sent to Circle Office throughDivisional Office for verification.(d) See whether proper arrangements has been made for collectionof PLI premiums, staff handling PLI work are well conversant withprocedure of PLI and essential forms such as application for loan,maturity and death claims and publicity materials are available inthe Post Office.(e) Assess the growth of business in the office, see whether there isany need for improving the after sale service and publicity. Recordyour suitable suggestions in the inspection report and send to theDivisional Head for further action.(f) Check the correct policy number, name of the Insurant, amount ofpremium, month of premium and amount of fine etc. are notedunder relevant column in the register.QUESTIONNAIRE FOR INSPECTION OFCOMPUTERISED POST OFFICE84.Questionnaire on “Optimum use of computers” and : Use ofutilities of packages” are suggested so that the Superintendent’sattention is drawn on positive aspects of computerization ratherthan looking at vigilance angle only.Multi-purpose Counter Machines - Ensure that The latest version of the software is being used - for DOS basedcomputers Meghdoot 2000 and for windows based systems MeghdootMillenium Point of sale (Stand alone/Network version) All the counter transactions (RL/RP/VPL/VPP/Ins.L/Ins.P/TRC/MO/PLI/UCR/Speed Post/Speed Post Passport etc.) are being done throughcomputers. Supervisors begins the shift and does the work allocation himself. User code of only regular PAs enabled and other user codes are madeinactive. Supervisor himself takes a printout of consolidated summary oftransactions daily. The following reports are being taken daily -• Transaction reports-user wise• Transactions reports- Consolidated summary• User account report• Work allocation• MIS - Statistical report - monthly• MO issue returns of HO - monthly If there is more than one MPCM functioning in the office, explore thepossibility of bringing these MPCMs under network. The changes/additions/modifications in Tariff / Limit / Countries / SpeedPost Cities / EPP distances are duly incorporated as and whenrevised. The Register of MPCM transactions are maintained up-to-date as shownin the annexure. The staffs are rotated so that more number of officials are exposed tocomputer operation.SMO/ESMO - Ensure that - The working hours of PA & Supervisor has been fixed properly toensure that the satellite money orders are received and dispatchedwithout delay. All the money orders out bound from the district are sent through ESMO.Select 4 dates since date of last inspection. Compare the number ofMO issued figures available in the MO issue compilation branch(including the figures of Sub Offices in account) with the money orderstransmitted to ensure that money orders are being promptly transmitted. The pairing of money orders are being done promptly by examining thelist of unpaid money orders for 4 days selected within one monthprevious from the date of inspection. Examine the list of received money orders to ensure that the moneyorders are being received within the transit norms. In cases of delay intransmission, please see as to what action has been taken by the SMO/ESMO station If any regular delay noticed in respect from any corner ofthe country take appropriate action to improve the situation. Original MOs filled in the office are duly cancelled; compare a few withthe details with the list of MOs entered to ensure that the same tally. The ESMO is kept open during the night also if necessary to enabletransmission of all the money orders. The staff working in ESMO are rotated so that more number of officialsget on-job training to handle ESMO. The print out of money orders are taken early in the morning and thesame are included in the dispatch for Sub Office in Account Bag orincluded in the MO - 3 of office.MEGHDOOT COMPONENTS - ENSURE THAT -[1] If the SO is total computerization site, ensure that all the modules ofMeghdoot component are on network environment and working fine.[1] Note the extent to which the different modules have been implemented.- Point of sale- Postman- Sub accounts- Treasury- Speed Net[1] Hard copy of the reports are being taken and filed properly.[1] The data installation has been done properly and correctly by testchecking.[1] That the inbound complaint enquiries in respect of RL / RP / VPL / VPPetc. are processed in the computer (query) and the reply is being givenaccordingly.[1] Cancellation of Transaction : ‘Meghdoot Millennium’ is designed as anintegrated package for the entire gamut of operations in post office. Itis therefore, essential to ensure data integrity in order to providecorrect data to Accounts Offices, PLI etc. The System Administrator,therefore, is provided with a facility to cancel a transactions after thereceipt is printed. This necessity may arise when the counter clerk printsreceipt in haste without collecting the cash and the customer does nottender the full amount. Whenever a transaction is cancelled, theSystem Administrator is required to collect the receipt, cancel it andpaste it in the Error Book kept with the Postmaster. The day-end reportgenerated by the counter operator gives details of the transactionscancelled. There is also provision for the Supervisor to generate aconsolidated list of cancelled transactions for that day. Check theentries in the register with the day-end reports.[1] It is very important that a suitable official who is easily accessible isselected as System Administrator in each office. The Postmaster is anideal choice. But, it must be ensured that the System Administratorpassword is not known to anybody else in the office.[1] Server in Cabinet : The offices where the software is installed on aLAN, the server should be kept at secure place in a cabinet locked sothat unauthorized persons can not have access.[1] Disabling Floppy Drives : To prevent virus entering the networks thefloppy drives on the clients except the client used by the Supervisorshould be disabled. Check whether this has been done.[1] Anti - virus : The machines where floppy drive has to be active foroperational reasons should be loaded with latest anti-virus packageand auto-protect should also be enabled. Check whether this has beendone.SANCHAYA POST - ENSURE THAT -♦ If the ledgers maintenance is discontinued see that adequate securitymeasures have been taken as prescribed by the Directorate.MAINTENANCE OF RECORDS - ENSURE THAT -[1] The History Sheet of computers, printers, UPS maintained in theprescribed format and kept up-to-date. If not, get updated. Format givenin the annexure.[1] Stock Book is maintained and all the computers, peripherals, printers,UPS etc. are entered in the stock book.[1] Up-to-date list of computers, printers, UPS etc. are available.[1] List of operating system supplied by the vendor with machine numberand the license details thereof.[1] The stock position of consumables like papers, printer ribbons, floppy,stickers is adequate and proper record is kept for the same.MAINTENANCE OF COMPUTERS & ACCESSORIES - ENSURE THAT -• All the systems are in working condition.• All the systems are covered under AMC/warranty as the case may be.• AMC personnel attends periodically for maintenance.• In case any system is out of order take appropriate action to set it toworking condition.• Make a list of items unserviceable and take action to dispose off thesame.• The latest anti-virus has been loaded and protection of data againstvirus is ensured.• Master copies of operating systems (MS DOS, Windows - 95,Windows - 98, Win NT 4.0, Windows 2000 / 2003, SQL 2000) in floppy/ CD are available.• Scan disk, defrag is performed weekly on each computer and the sameis recorded in the logbook.• Virus scan can be performed once in a month and the findings recordedon the logbook of the computer. Auto-protect should always be enabled.GENERAL :1. Computer friendly environment - Ensure that -• The working atmosphere in SO is congenial for computers.• Dust free environment is provided.• Specially designed counters, computer tables, chairs are provided toall work places.2. Password Maintenance - Ensure that -• Each official/Supervisor has been assigned appropriate user code.• User code allotted is identifiable.• The user code like OP 1, OP 2, or PA 1, PA 2 are not being used.• The official is fully aware of the importance of password and changes itfrequently.• A register for ‘User Code’ is maintained by Supervisor / Postmaster asshown in the annexure.3. Latest Version of Software - Ensure that -• Latest version of software is being used at the office.• If the older version is available take action to replace with newer version.• If unauthorized software is being used take action to replace it with theauthorized one.• Check-with System Administrator that all the versions of the softwareare kept securely to ensure that they do not fall into the hands ofunauthorized persons.4. Log Book of Computers - Ensure that -• The logbook is maintained in the format furnished in the annexure.• If the system is out of order the remarks are noted in the logbook.• Maintenance by AMC/Repairer - details recorded in the logbook.• Daily work done on the particular computer is recorded in the logbook.• Name and phone number of the service engineer is prominentlydisplayed.5. Submission of Monthly Statement - Ensure that -• Monthly statement on computers is being submitted by the officepromptly.• The contents of monthly statement gives the exact picture asenvisaged in the statement.6. Training - Ensure that -• Adequate number of officials have been trained on Sanchaya Post,SMO, Speed Net and all modules of Meghdoot. If not make up list ofofficials to be trained in various software and include the same in thecurrent year’s action plan.• Adequate number of officials duly trained as System Administrator areavailable in the office. Identify staff to be trained as System Administratorfor Sanchaya Post, Meghdoot Components, Speed Net and SMO.• Identify officials to conduct local training classes to spread computerawareness and thereby to create computer friendly environment.• The officials have adequate knowledge of computer and software tomake best utilization of provision made in hardware and software.7. Backup - Ensure that -• Backup is taken according to the schedule.• In case of Sanchaya Post 6 tapes for daily backup, 5 tapes for weeklybackup, 2 tapes for fortnightly backup, 2 for monthly backup to be used.• There is provision in case of data loss for any reason the same can beretrieved by restoring the backup.• Backup data in floppies, tapes are preserved securely.• A register of backup for data preservation is maintained and kept in thecustody of supervisor (proforma in the annexure)8. Modification to Software -• Discuss with the staff to encourage them to come up with the problemsthey are facing and any suggestion for modification in the softwarewhich is felt user friendly. List up the suggestions and take up thematter with the software vendor or Postal Training Centre, Mysore asthe case may be.• Examine the field where computerization is not effected to see that thesame can be computerized.9. Redeployment :• Study the impact of computerization in the SO and excess staff hoursachieved. Examine as to how best the excess staff hours can beutilized in areas like Business Development etc.• On total computerization of office, see that a fresh Memo of Distributionof Work has been adopted for optimum use of manpower.10. Upgradation / Condemnation :• Discuss with the System Administrator regarding upgradation ofcomputers required, if any. Sum up the advantages and come up withproposal for upgradation.• List out the unserviceable items. Take action to condemn thesearticles in consultation with your Regional Office.11. Meet the staff working on Computers and discuss :• The problems faced in computerization.• Any suggestion they feel advantageous.• Explore the possibilities of further improving the performance oncomputers.12. Optimum use of Computers :• Are all the computers optimally used ? Is there any tendency to attachthe computers to a branch or official for the exclusive use of that branchor official.• In order to put the computers to optimum use, can nodes be placed inone location, to facilitate use of the same node by different officials atdifferent hours ?• Does the hours of attendance of the staff require any rescheduling witha view to optimally use the computers and the staff ?13. Full use of utilities of the packages :• By reference to the checklist of utilities offered by different packages.Verify if all the utilities are made use of in the office.85. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR INSPECTION OFPROGRESS OF OFFICIAL LANGUAGE1. Whether orders are issued in Hindi or English inorder book ?2. Whether all lettlers received in Hindi are beingreplied to in Hindi. If not, the reasons therefoe ?3. Whether Targets for originating *A Region B Region C Regioncorrespondence in Hindi have beenachieved. If not, the reasons therefore ?*A Region : Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh,Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, Delhi and AndmanNicobar Island.B Region : Maharashtra Gujarat, Punjab and Chandigarh.C Region : All other states and UTs except those stated in A & B above.4. The total number of officers / employees Officers Employeeswho do not possess the workingknowledge of Hindi.Those who have studied Hindi as a subject (uptoMatric or Tenth Standard or those who have furnisheddeclaration saying they possess working knowledgeof Hindi.5. (a) Whether all Name plates / Notice Boardsetc. are bilingual ?(b) Whether all the Name plates andRubber stamps used are inaccordance with the rules /(In rubber stamps letters in Hindi should have apoint size greater than 2 as compared to theEnglish letters).6. Whether incentive schemes laid down by Deptt. of O.L. are beingimplemented ? If yes, indicate the number of officers / officials whobenefited from these incentive schemes during the last year.7. How many forms are being used in the office ? Are they bilingual ?8. Any special work done in the office regarding Hindi:86. Have the public of the place any difficulties with the Post Office ?What is your assessment of growth of Postal Traffic and whatarrangements are needed in this connection ?87. Record your assessment of the office and spell out :-(a) points for action branchwise, by the SPM and the other staff of thePost Office.(b) points for action by you, Divisional Superintendent and(c) if any action to be taken by Regional or other divisions. Pleasetake up with the concerned authorities demi-officially any mattersof importance and keep a watch on their settlement.


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