Dec 29, 2016

Pay PLI Premium through Debit / Credit Card without Service Charges - Activation procedure

 You can pay PLI premium through Debit card ( ATM) / Credit card without any extra charge.

How To Update Phone Number, Email Id For PLI Customers For Allowing Online Access :

To incorporate the mobile number and email address in the System the following procedures are to be followed by CPC.

1.  The policy holder is to submit an application to the CPC Head on person or through mail stating his/her policy number, Mobile number and email address ( Email address should be written on capital letters so that no mistake will occur by the CPC personnel while data entry is to be done) requesting incorporation of the same in the System. He/She is to enclose self attested photo copies of policy bond or first page of the P.R.Book and identity proof (photo copy Aadhar or Voter Card).
2.     He will submit these to the CPC and take receipt for submission of application, generated from the System.
3.     The CPC personnel will then follow the procedure as same as change of address done. i.e scan the documents, do ECMS and Data Entry and then Quality Check &.Finally Approval.
4.     After approval.

The CPC personnel will send him/her the reply to his/her Email address.to the effect that ' Your mobile number and email address has successfully been incorporated in the System. You may now feel free to register your policy online, set your password as per your choice and perform all sorts business relating to PLI/RPLI, as and when, required without visiting any Post Office or CPC.⁠⁠⁠⁠


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